Current exhibition:
Jutta Benzenberg − 30 Days

Jutta Benzenberg, from the series: "30 Days“, Albania 2013
Exhibition run: 28 April - 3 June 2017
Introduction: Kurt Kaindl in conversation with Jutta Benzenberg
In the run-up to the country’s parliamentary elections in 2013 Jutta Benzenberg spent the titular 30 days accompanying and photographing the challenger Edi Rama on the hustings in Albania. The result is not a reportage of the election campaign, but a stunning portrait of people in an age characterised by pathos and mass rallies.
Jutta Benzenberg succeeds in depicting people in all their individuality and idiosyncrasy while capturing their attendance as participants at large, emotionally charged events. Since the early 1990s the photographer has been travelling to Albania, a country that still has something mythical about it for the rest of Europe.
Together with her husband, the author Ardian Klosi, now deceased, she has published several books of fine art photography on Albania: Albanisches Überleben (1993, Edition Fotohof published by Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg), Sombre Beauty (2005, self-published), and Ahead with the Past (2011, FOTOHOF edition, Salzburg). No other (female) photographer has been able to delve as deeply into the culture and politics, the mentality, and the way of life of the people in this country.
Jutta Benzenberg studied photography at the Fachakademie für Fotodesign in Munich. She lives and works in Munich, Berlin and Tirana.



FOTOHOF archive:
Peter Dressler − Sonderfahrt

Exhibition run: 24 February − 22 July 2017 

FOTOHOF archiv
Sparkassenstraße 2, 5020 Salzburg
Opening hours: on appointment only

Peter Dressler - Eilboten, 1973

The FOTOHOF archiv is showing an exhibition from the estate of Peter Dressler, providing an exciting encounter with the artist and his work. Most of the works on show are from his early work dating back to the 1970s. They include the portfolio entitled Eilboten / Courier; the image templates for the work Der brave Sohn / The Good Son; a maquette with original photographs for the artist’s book Zwischenspiel / Interlude; drafts for the publication Wiental; and photo concertina folds and work materials for the film Sonderfahrt / Special Service.

The exhibition retraces the origins of the artist’s oeuvre: the first examples of motifs that would later become so famous, featuring role models that go back to his childhood; his artist’s film Sonderfahrt / Special Service (jointly with Franz Zadrazil), which is available for viewing in digital form on an iPad; and the first sketches and drafts of his photo books. Indeed, an artist’s archive provides an opportunity to contrast drafts, materials, and early ideas with the mature artwork.


Peter Dressler

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Peter Dressler

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