Current exhibition:

Georg Petermichl, Claudia Rohrauer, Anja Ronacher

Opens: Thursday, March 15, 7.30 pm
Exhibition run: March 16, - April 28, 2018



Georg Petermichl (above), Anja Ronacher (middle), Claudia Rohrauer (below)

The many-faceted artistic oeuvre of Georg Petermichl, Anja Ronacher and Claudia Rohrauer focuses less on the documentary possibilities afforded by the medium of photography in representing the world as an image, preferring instead to explore photography in a self-referential way as a media-based imaging apparatus.

Georg Petermichl’s colourful wallpapers are created by first photographing the underlying wall sections in order to document the colour casts present within the space that result from the lighting configurations used for the previous exhibition. The photographs of the blank walls capture the nuances of the light colour of the artificial exhibition lighting, in much the same way as the rays of natural light streaming in from the outside. Petermichl’s wall works reference the technical principles of digital processing in exhibition documentation.

Claudia Rohrauer, too, is interested in technical principles, resources and materials as well as historical positions and media theory considerations that relate to the photographic gaze. The large-scale installation entitled NEULICH IM LABOR [RECENTLY IN THE LAB] is a collaboration with Ruth Horak, with image contributions by other artists. It considers the photo lab as a production facility where photographs achieve their definitive form, but also as a meeting place where like-minded people exchange knowledge in the form of a fictional stage play.

Anja Ronacher’s creative output uses the resources of traditional (and now historical) analogue photography, as an end-to-end process from image capture to hand-made proof produced in the darkroom. For Ronacher, it is not about the documentary reproduction of museum exhibits, for example a death mask dating from pre-Christian times, Ancient Greek vases, or an Etruscan mirror; rather, it is about a mysterious, sceptical, but also stunning artistic intensification of her gaze at human civilisation.

Georg Petermichl, born in Linz in 1980, lives and works in Vienna.
Claudia Rohrauer, born in Vienna in 1984, lives and works in Vienna.
Anja Ronacher, born in Abtenau in 1979, lives and works in Vienna.


FOTOHOF archive:
Hans Rustler − Photographic Examples. Analogue Test-Images and Pictures of the Interior of the Agfa Photo School from the Thirties

Hans Rustler, Agfa Photoschule, Beriln 1931
FOTOHOF archiv
Sparkassenstraße 2, 5020 Salzburg
Opening hours: on appointment only

Exhibition run: 18 January − 16 June 2018 




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