Current exhibition:
Marina Caneve / Cesare Fabbri / Teresa Giannico / Francesco Neri

Exhibition run: 8 October − 23 November 2019

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The photographs of Marina Caneve (*1988) feature the mountain scenery of the Dolomites. However, her gaze is not directed at the fascination that the beauty of nature evokes, but at the instability of the mountains and the hazards they pose. Her work entitled Are They Rocks or Clouds? refers to man-made natural catastrophes in the Dolomites. The fragility of the region as a whole is illustrated by the artist’s own photographs and the inclusion of historical documents and anecdotes as well as scientific findings.

For his decade-long study The Flying Carpet Cesare Fabbri (*1971) focused on his two home regions of Emilia-Romagna and Sardinia. His black-and-white photographs depict a tranquil world where everyday objects are transformed into magical images through the artist's discerning eye and his framing of reality.
Teresa Giannico (*1985) scrutinises the documentary value of photography through a process aimed at reconstructing reality. For her groups of photographic works entitled Rogoredo and Lay Out she collected photographs of typical Italian interiors and indoor spaces. Rearranged in dioramas, photographed, and printed in small and large formats, the new perspective creates a perfectly illusionary space and depicts a precarious and unbalanced world.

The vast project entitled Trophy and Treasure by Francesco Neri (*1982) revolves around the artist's own family in which, for generations, medicine and hunting have played a pivotal role. His parents' house in Faenza in Emilia-Romagna provides the setting for these photographs. The close ties that exist between people (specifically, in this particular project, his own family) and landscape and nature are the defining elements of Francesco Neri's pictorial universe.


FOTOHOF archive:
PLAYING THE PAST − Iryna Pap, Valery Miloserdov, Dima Sergeev

Exhibition run: 9 August − 30 November 2019

Iryna Pap − Kommunar factory in Zaporizhzhia, production of a low-cost car Zaporozhets, 1960

An interactive installation featuring Ukrainian press photographs from the period 1957 to 1971 invites you to play with the past.  The main part of the exhibition is comprised of photographs from the archive of Iryna Pap, a press photographer born in 1917 who worked for the Soviet newspaper Izvestia, among others. Her work is representative of a social realism in Soviet photography that ranges from photographs of smiling factory workers and new urban building projects to documenting congresses within the Party. In its context the affirmative imagery can be seen both as a form of documentary and as a document per se.

The second part of the exhibition consists of an installation entitled Unfixing. Projected in this section are two visually distorted black-and-white films which the photographers Valery Miloserdov and Dima Sergeev discovered in their own family archives.
Both parts of the exhibition showcase different ways of documenting and recalling historical events. Firstly, the official press photography and its kinship to propaganda; secondly, private amateur films featuring a public spring-cleaning campaign and the swearing-in of recruits.

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