Current exhibition:

SIMON ROBERTS Landscape Studies of a Small Island

Simon Roberts - Pierdom 05, Teignmouth Grand Pier, Devon, 2011. Digital C-Print, 120x144 cm
Courtesy Flowers Gallery London
Exhibition run: 10 March - 22 April 2017
Introduction: Andrew Phelps in conversation with Simon Roberts
On March 9, FOTOHOF will present the first exhibition of the British photographer Simon Roberts in Austria. Simon Roberts is a prolific and internationally renowned photographer of the contemporary British photography scene, who has spent the past 10 years tracing the "British". The exhibition in Salzburg is titled "Landscape Studies of a Small Island", the beginning of an international exhibition tour of this work.
In 2005 Roberts began to deal with the question of what it means to be British and decided to focus his camera on his own country, the British and their landscape. The result is a series of several works showing the political, social and cultural British landscape. Non-judgmental and free of irony, his photographs provide evidence and information about social relations not only between people, but also between people and the places of their leisure activities in the English countryside.
"We English": The first major work that followed a long trip to Russia was a one-year trip across England, Simon Roberts sharing a camper with his family. It consists of 56 large-format photographs that trace the social and cultural signs and signs of what it means to be British. The camper was more than just a means of transportation, it became an integral part of Roberts' work, as the increased perspective created the possibility of an unusually high viewpoint.
For "The Election Project" Simon Roberts was commissioned to document the election campaign for the British Parliamentary Elections in May 2010 and to tour the country again in a mobile home. For the first time, a photographer was selected for the role of the "election artist". Again, from the slightly elevated perspective of his motor-home, Roberts followed the unprecedented variety of political parties in his country, but also the profane reality of the election campaign. He also documented the smaller, independent candidates who were acting outside mainstream press coverage.
In his third work on Great Britain, he draws his attention to the landmark of British leisure, the sea. Instead of crossing the island, Roberts followed the coastline. For "Pierdom", he traveled the "edge of Great Britain" and documented all 58 piers in the bathing and coastal resorts of Great Britain. 



FOTOHOF archive:
Peter Dressler − Sonderfahrt

Exhibition run: 24 February − 22 July 2017 

FOTOHOF archiv
Sparkassenstraße 2, 5020 Salzburg
Opening hours: on appointment only

Peter Dressler - Eilboten, 1973



Archive Talk
21 March 2017, 7 pm
at the Fotohof archive

Rainer Iglar - Das fotografische Frühwerk
Kurt Kaindl - Der Nachlass: Archivieren und Sichtbarmachen
Michael Mauracher - Anmerkungen zum Film Sonderfahrt
von Peter Dressler und Franz Zadrazil und Projektion des Originalfilmmaterials auf 16mm


The FOTOHOF archiv is showing an exhibition from the estate of Peter Dressler, providing an exciting encounter with the artist and his work. Most of the works on show are from his early work dating back to the 1970s. They include the portfolio entitled Eilboten / Courier; the image templates for the work Der brave Sohn / The Good Son; a maquette with original photographs for the artist’s book Zwischenspiel / Interlude; drafts for the publication Wiental; and photo concertina folds and work materials for the film Sonderfahrt / Special Service.
The exhibition retraces the origins of the artist’s oeuvre: the first examples of motifs that would later become so famous, featuring role models that go back to his childhood; his artist’s film Sonderfahrt / Special Service (jointly with Franz Zadrazil), which is available for viewing in digital form on an iPad; and the first sketches and drafts of his photo books. Indeed, an artist’s archive provides an opportunity to contrast drafts, materials, and early ideas with the mature artwork.


Peter Dressler

Archive Talk


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Peter Dressler

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