Current exhibition:
Ana Casas Broda - Kinderwunsch

In the Library: Sigrid Kurz - Fanzines 1997-2012

Exhibition run:  June 3 - July 23, 2016

Ana Casas Broda - Milk II, 2010 aus: Kinderwunsch, 2006-2012. Inject print on cotton paper

‘The desire to have a child, to be pregnant. The delirium of the first few months: a timeless space. A body that is nourished by mine. Then suddenly shifting into a different scene, an imperceptible and radical transition. Emotions as powerful and contradictory as they are startling.’

The photographic works of Ana Casas Broda, mostly long-term projects, are intense, personal and radical. In the work entitled Kinderwunsch on show at FOTOHOF, the photographer explores the complex themes of pregnancy and motherhood, recalling memories of her own childhood closely linked with photographs of her grandmother.

Ana Casas Broda first began working on Kinderwunsch in 2006. In October 2013 the series was published as a book in three languages (Spanish, English and German) by La Fabrica, Madrid. In May 2014 it was awarded Second Prize as the best artist’s book of 2013 by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Ana Casas Broda was born in Granada, Spain, in 1965 and has lived in Mexico City since 1974. She studied photography, painting and history. She has worked as a photographer since 1983.

In the Library:
Sigrid Kurz – Fanzines 1997 − 2015

The Fanzines 1997-2015 by Sigrid Kurz are booklets created as part of her photographic works and copied as small print runs under the title ISSUES. Different photo and text sequences are correlated in a way similar to a script.

They include references to film, the exhibition space and the media, complemented with descriptions of scenes, various explorations of the ‘action space’, and interviews. Exhibited alongside the Fanzines in the display cases are three large-format works from the first and last booklet to be published.
Sigrid Kurz was born in Salzburg in 1958. She studied at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz (1982–87). She lives and works in Vienna.

Sigrid Kurz MAM-25/ 03/ 2014 aus Experimental Sets C-Print, 80 x 80 cm

In the FOTOHOF archive:
Michaela Moscouw:
MUSTER - Photographs and Videos, 1991 - 2012

Michaela Moscouw - "Die Loge", 1991/ 92

The current show in the FOTOHOF archive presents the artistic "modus operandi" of Michaela Moscouw. Handmade, small scale sample prints, that she used as artwork for large format performances, can be seen as well as the enormous print  "Die Loge" created in 1991/92..
In addition to this aspect of Michaela Moscouws photography, the archive presents a selection of "Kurzvideos", Moscouws cinematic works between 2008 and 2012.

Michaela Moscouw, *1961 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna.



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