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SPUTNIK PHOTOS collective −
Lost Territories. CONTROL (LTA 5)

Opens: Thursday, 28 September, 7 pm

Sputnik Photos / Lost Territories Archive
Abandoned watchtower. Ogrodniki, Polish-Lithuanian Border

Exhibition run: 29 September − 11 November 2017
Opens: 28 September, 7 pm

SPUTNIK PHOTOS is an international collective of central and eastern European photographers. Established in 2006, it uses the individual experiences of its members as the starting point for analysing socio-political processes and socio-cultural phenomena in the former Soviet Republics. As a result, a continually expanding archive collection has emerged over the last decade, one that documents the way the former East Bloc itself has evolved and been transformed. 
In Lost Territories the film footage and stock images provide the basis for an array of exhibition concepts and publications. The collective’s co-operation with curators and authors has produced a concept which, through its experimental approach to form, content and distribution, has ultimately stimulated a topical debate on the current state of documentary photography. 
Biographies of the participating artists from SPUTNIK PHOTOS collective are available at sputnikphotos.com
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FOTOHOF archive:
Inge Morath − Photos and Letters
Biographic Material from the Archive

Inge Morath, H.C. Artmann, Schriftsteller und Rosa Artmann in ihrem Haus in Salzburg, 1991
Copyright: Inge Morath Foundation / Magnum Photos / Fotohof archiv
FOTOHOF archiv
Sparkassenstraße 2, 5020 Salzburg
Opening hours: on appointment only

Exhibition run: 10 August 2017 − 13 January 2018 
At this exhibition, the FOTOHOF archiv offers insights into more than twenty years of collaboration with renowned Magnum photographer Inge Morath (1923-2002). A cross-section of her key works are to be showcased in special versions, alongside early drafts and contact copies. The exhibition of photographs is to be complemented with an extensive selection of letters and essays. The presentation is also an opportunity to revisit the production of numerous exhibitions and photo books.




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Inge Morath

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