current exhibition:
Renate Bertlmann − Angst

Renate Bertlmann. Rape - Triptychon, 2013 70 x 105 cm. Digitalfoto auf Dibond

Exhibition run: 9 June − 5 August 2017

Renate Bertlmann’s solo exhibition at FOTOHOF entitled Angst [Fear] combines photographic works, videos, and installation-based staged settings spanning four decades. The selection follows the logic of her comprehensive multimedia feminist-subversive oeuvre applied to questions of time. The original title, Rape, was subsequently abandoned in favour of Angst and referenced several of Bertlmann’s works: photographic works of recent years (e.g. Braut und Bräutigam [Bride and Groom], 2013), but also fundamental series from the 1970s, e.g. Renée ou René (Rape) from 1977, which generally speaking address the quantum of violence in the social relationship between the genders, beyond the erotic allure of rituals of dominance and submission. 

In the spatial combination of photographs, videos and objects, Angst ambiguously encapsulates as a social state a widespread pleasure and desire derived from the fear of the other, time and again erotically charged in a way that is both cryptic and enigmatic. 
Renate Bertlmann, *1943 in Vienna; lives and works in Vienna. 
In 2017 Bertlmann received the Grand Austrian State Prize, which is awarded annually for an artist’s life work.

FOTOHOF archive:
Peter Dressler − Sonderfahrt

Peter Dressler - Eilboten, 1973
FOTOHOF archiv
Sparkassenstraße 2, 5020 Salzburg
Opening hours: on appointment only

Exhibition run: 24 February − 22 July 2017 
The FOTOHOF archiv is showing an exhibition from the estate of Peter Dressler, providing an exciting encounter with the artist and his work. Most of the works on show are from his early work dating back to the 1970s. They include the portfolio entitled Eilboten / Courier; the image templates for the work Der brave Sohn / The Good Son; a maquette with original photographs for the artist’s book Zwischenspiel / Interlude; drafts for the publication Wiental; and photo concertina folds and work materials for the film Sonderfahrt / Special Service.
The exhibition retraces the origins of the artist’s oeuvre: the first examples of motifs that would later become so famous, featuring role models that go back to his childhood; his artist’s film Sonderfahrt / Special Service (jointly with Franz Zadrazil), which is available for viewing in digital form on an iPad; and the first sketches and drafts of his photo books. Indeed, an artist’s archive provides an opportunity to contrast drafts, materials, and early ideas with the mature artwork.


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Book presentation at Photoinstitute Bonartes, Vienna

Peter Dressler

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Peter Dressler

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