"Vrai ou Faux" - "Falsch oder Richtig"

Ein EU-Projekt in Kooperation mit dem Atelier Reflexe / Montreuil

“True or False? The border between is neither a static axis, nor one that is vertical and vertiginous, which art has always known how to defy. True and False intertwine in this never-ending horizontality, within a shadow-less landscape where no one and nothing stand in the way of reality.”

Whether it concerns aesthetics, culture, the environment, the media, the economy, social behaviours…the usefulness, perception, role and importance of ‘true’ and ‘false’ are changing. How does the concept ‘true or false’ manifest itself in the daily lives of European citizens? What becomes its role in Europe faced with global eco/ socio/cultural stakes? What is the frontier of ‘true’ and ‘false’ in the problematic discussion about the tangible acculturation and the diversity of cultures in Europe?

This project, supported by European Commission, combines, according to an original, a group of confirmed European artists, young artists stemming from an international program of workshops and European partners, to answer these questions through an édition and a traveling show .

Gabrielle Senn Gallery  presented in Vienna in September - November 2011 ‘Vrai ou Faux ?’ act I an installation created by Véronique Bourgoin, like a ‘trompe l’œil’, recreating private lounges. In this intimate space she shows historical archives of True and False. These archives mixe as well works from contemporary artists as anonymous or historical documents from private collections or collected trough the media.

Ventilazione presented  in Vienna in November - December 2011 ‘Vrai ou Faux ?’ act II a second intallation created by Véronique Bourgoin like a «cabinet of curiosities», mixing as well works of the artists associed to the workshops as anonymous or historical pictures from media, Internet or collections. This installation makes resound currents events and its archives is echo in art.

Direction : Véronique Bourgoin

Administration : Stefanie Gattlen

those responsible: Atelier Reflexe & Fabrique des Illusions • FR
Co-organisators :
Dirk K. Bakker Boeken • NL
Fotohof • AT
Silverbridge • FR
Cobertura Photo • ES
Support Agentur & 8th Salon • DE
Editorial Agency Internationale • CZ

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