Puberty / Daughter - Pictures
(Pubertät / Tochter - Bilder)

von 15.07.1997 bis 16.08.1997
TOCHTER doppelt mit Mutter, Großmutter und Urgroßmutter 1994/96

Fotovernähung, Ilfochrome

The artist tore apart single pictures of bodies, recomposed them and sewed them together with rough stiches. By combining fragments of pictures Soltau looks into bodies, opens body parts, and the stiches remind us of fresh surgical scars, of physical and psychological wounds which are not yet healed.
By combining young „fresh" flesh with faded bodies, she condenses the process of life within one picture.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog.

von 07.02.2020 bis 04.04.2020
Michael Höpfner
von 29.11.2019 bis 25.01.2020
Hannah Modigh