Joachim Brohm - Areal

von 04.03.1999 bis 04.03.1999
Ausstellungsübersicht, Joachim Brohm
From: "Areal"

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A photographic project (in progress) 1992 - 2002. The photographer Joachim Brohm creates, over a periode of ten years, in a unique project a work, which deals with the urban structural change, an urban reorganization, of the industrial areas of the 1950's into a new centre for service-industry and living, as exemplified in Munich. The character of the ongoing changes forms the centre of interest, and questions in general the status of the urban identity at the turn of the millenia: "Is the modern city like the modern airport - everywhere identical?" (quotation: Rem Koolhaas)
Brohm, through his photography, compiles a homogenous, photographic archive, which specifically illustrates the transient, architectonic makeshift, spacial structure, and the temporary utilization typical to "suburban economies" of the 1990's. Beginning in 1999the focus of Brohms work will be to examine the complete cultivation and development of "the Areal", with emphasize on displaying the chronological aspect of city planning and architecture.
Important aspects of Brohm's artistic techniques are the process of "finding the image", as well as focusing on the integral aspects of the medium photography. - The fundamentals for this project display themselves in independent works, which Joachim Brohm completed within the last 15 years. These works repeatedly deal with the themes of industry, time, and history. They have been shown and published internationally, and are found in noteworthy public collections. - "Areal" is Brohm's most extensive photo-project to date. Joachim Brohm lives in Essen and Leipzig, and has been a professor of photography at the University for Grafic Design and Bookart since 1993. Catalog of the exhibition, 24 pages, 13 color photographs, with a text by Moritz Küng. ATS 180.- U$ 15.- For orders send a fax (+43-662-849296-4) or an e-mail (

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