Hans Rustler
A photographic discovery from Salzburg

Exhibition opening and talk
19 April 2018, 7 pm

Hans Rustler prüft eine Fotoplatte vor einem
Leuchtkasten in der Agfa Photoschule in Berlin, 1931

19 April 2018, 7 pm
Kurt Kaindl in conversation with the artist's daughter Renate Rustler-Ourth

FOTOHOF archiv / Sparkassenstraße 2 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria

In 1931 Salzburg pharmacist Hans Rustler studied at the then famous Agfa Photoschule in Berlin, compiling a stunning sample folder that encapsulates the state-of-the-art in analogue photography at that time. At the presentation on show at the FOTOHOF archiv these ‘sample images’ are complemented with photographs of interiors of the Photo School, a small selection of photographs of Berlin, and a portrait album of Hans Rustler himself.

Hans Rustler the photographer is a new discovery, one that was made possible by his daughter Renate Rustler-Ourth in collaboration with the FOTOHOF archiv.
Hans Rustler was born into the Austro-Hungarian Empire on 1 November 1910 in Liebenstein near Eger, present-day Libá, Bohemia. Christened Johann, and died on 26 August 1988 in Salzburg.

Exhibition at FOTOHOF archiv
Hans Rustler − Photographic Examples
Analogue Test-Images and Pictures of the Interior of the Agfa Photo School from the Thirties
until 30 April 2018



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Hans Rustler
A photographic discovery from Salzburg

Exhibition opening and talk
19 April 2018, 7 pm

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